2011 Siemens Symbia T6 SPECT-CT

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EUropean 2011 Siemens Symbia T6 SPECT-CT

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System Specifications

  • Siemens Symbia T6 TruePoint SPECT-CT
  • Year of Manufacturing: 2011
  • System Serial Number: 1179
  • Tube type: MCT_172
  • Tube installation: March 2016, approx. 455k scan sec
  • System Scan Seconds: 702578
  • Syngo CT 2007A, VA60D
  • 4 Collimator Pairs –LEHR, MELP, Fan Beam, SmartZoom
  • Integrated Collimator Changer
  • Foresight Detectors

Syngo Acquisition Workplace: YES

ESoft Workstation: YES