Maximise the value of your used medical equipment

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When you are replacing systems and investing a lot of money in new systems selling a used system easily becomes a secondary priority for you.

Yet, you could still be able to get money for your used equipment and a hassle-free solution for removal of said equipment too.

How do you maximise the value of your used medical equipment? At Flexray Medical we suggest you follow these 4 easy steps:

1 Detailed Equipment Specifications

2 Take Good Photos 

3 Accurate Service Records 

4 Be Honest

When you follow these steps you help us to provide you with correct valuation and a fair market price for your equipment. Enabling you to get a good price, without too much time or effort spent.

maximize the value - detailed equipment specifications | FlexRay Medical

Detailed Equipment Specifications

To make a valuation of your used system as easy as possible, you should ensure that you provide us with detailed specifications of your system.

This often includes information about the system configuration, as it was upon delivery. It also includes information about the systems current configuration and condition.

Not all specifications are relevant for all equipment. Though specifications such as year of manufacturing, current software version and licenses installed, software and hardware options included are all relevant across modalities.

You can provide this information in a few ways. One is to attach the original quotation when contacting us or another company. Another is to fill out a contact form such as this.

Always add as many details as possible. As mentioned in the above, this helps to provide you with the best price possible from the beginning.

take good photos | FlexRay Medical

Take Good Photos

Good photos are not about placing the system in the perfect golden incision. It is as simple as presenting the system in its current condition.

The points that define good photos are as follows:


  • Well lit photos with enough light to get a good impression of your system.
  • Sharp and non-blurry photos, ensuring that all details are “caught on camera”.
  • Photos of every label on the system components.
  • Photos of all system components from different angles.

All in all, the better photos you provide to a potential buyer, the more information this soon-to-be new owner of the equipment has. This leads to an accurate valuation and a hassle-free deal.

Everything you wish to sell needs to look the best. This is especially true when selling anything used.

Make the system look its best, by ensuring that the system is clean and the room itself is free of clutter. This makes it easier to assess the actual equipment condition.

accurate service records | FlexRay Medical

Accurate Service Records  

The system you wish to sell has been serving you and your patients well. The next owner wants to ensure that the system is still running according to specifications and safe to use. Ensuring that the next patient also gets a proper diagnosis.

One way of ensuring this is to provide the records of all planned maintenance and day-to-day service interventions. Accurate service records are proof that all this has been performed.

Your current service provider can send you an overview of the service done to the equipment, during the equipment lifetime. Both planned maintenance and any break-down service.

Knowing the history of the system means less risk to the next owner and thereby also better resale value. Simply because you have proved that your equipment is in good condition.

Equipment that has been taken good care of is also likely to last longer. That way continuing to provide a diagnosis to more patients in the future, with less down-time. All in all, this makes the equipment faster to sell, because the system is a better buy than equipment in a not as favourable condition.

be honest | FlexRay Medical

Be Honest

One last thing – be honest!

If you know there are some issues with the equipment it is better to get it out in the open right from the start. When you inform of any issues with the medical imaging equipment from the beginning, this often has the bonus of being somewhat easy and cheap to fix. When done in due time, of course.

Often you can have most repairs carried out by your current service provider if the system is under a full coverage service contract. If this is the case, you might as well bring the system up to its best possible condition. This ensures that you get the most value for the equipment when replacing it.

If you want to learn more about how we at FlexRay Medical carry out equipment QA testing and inspections. You can find this on our website, please click here.

Maybe you would also like to get a fair market evaluation of your equipment from FlexRay Medical? Feel free to do so at any time and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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