FlexRay Medical attends Medica in Düsseldorf for the 15th time.


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The conference runs from November 18.- November 21. 2019. In October Simon Dyrup Nielsen represented FlexRay Medical at the annual DMTS meeting in Vejle, Denmark. This time it is my turn to do all the walking and talking.

As you might know, Medica is a very large convention, and it is almost impossible to get round to everything. When you attend such a large congress it is often an advantage to focus one’s attention. That is why I will make an effort to focus my attention on our European and eastern European contacts. That said if you too are attending Medica in Düsseldorf, and wish to meet up for a quick coffee or for a talk. Please, do not hesitate to contact me


Medica is top in all areas 

Why does FlexRay Medical take part in Medica every year? Well, quite frankly it is because it is the largest event for the medical sector with more than 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries in 17 halls. Medica spans everything within the field of innovations for outpatient and clinical care. If you take yourself seriously in our line of work, you attend. Medica is a unique opportunity to meet practically everyone within only a few days. 


FlexRay Medical attends Medica 2019


With such a vast programme and large venue, the chances that you spontaneously run into the people you want to meet is very slim. So, if you want to meet and not leave it to chance give me a call or text me on WhatsApp.

Every time I visit the ever so lovely city of Düsseldorf and attend Medica I get an excellent opportunity to polish up my German speaking skills. Both at Medica itself, but also later on. “Hoffentlich sehen wir uns an einem Kneipe im Altstadt.” ????

Wishing you all a great Medica annual meeting!

Mads Vittrup
CEO & partner
+4528599829 (cell)



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