Why Global Recycling Day is important when working with used medical equipment



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Today is Global Recycling Day 2020. At first glance, it may seem that buying and selling used medical imaging systems has nothing to do with recycling. But recycling is not only using systems and equipment for a longer period. It is also reselling it after use. In essence, it is seeing not waste, but an opportunity.

On top of that, minimizing the resources used for scrapping and reprocessing the materials.  20 years ago a used X-ray system would have ended its days in the scrap yard. Where the contents of plenty of different plastics, chemicals and minerals ended their days. Today it is different. Used systems are very often reinstalled in a new facility. Or split up for parts use and thus supporting similar systems installed around the Globe. In fact, even when you today buy a new part from your local OEM representative, it’s quite often a used, but thoroughly tested, part, you are getting. Buying new or used doesn’t make a difference as long as you get the right mix of warranty and affordability.

Recycling is part of using the Earth’s resources wiser. Recycling also helps combat climate change and makes the most of the resources. Used medical equipment might be a small drop when saving natural resources. But every drop counts. On top, it is of real importance in bringing affordable healthcare solutions to more people.

Global Recycling Day is important to us. Because reselling medical imaging equipment gives more patients access to proper diagnostic tools. This is the basis for a successful treatment. resulting in many more saved lives. This also has the fortunate side effect that the specialised equipment functions longer. Saving resources saves lives.


Why Global Recycling Day is important when working with used medical equipment
Used medical equipment arriving at a new facility


Doing what we can

Flexray Medical has already been part of this cycle for some years and our team for decades more. We have brought high quality and affordable diagnostic imaging to some of the most remote parts of the World. We have even installed some of the first-ever MRI, CT and X-ray systems, in more rural areas of developing countries. But that is a different story which we will save for another day.

At Flexray Medical we are happy and proud to do our bit to a better World. Large words. But a wider reach of imaging equipment leads to better diagnostics for patients in need. At the end of the day investing in used medical imaging equipment and Global Recycling Day wants the same. In essence, it is about better lives for all of us. Without ruining the planet.

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