Due to Covid-19 ECR 2020 is postponed

So we’ll not meet up this week. Hopefully in July 2020.

Vienna once again


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Returning to Vienna once again is not only a sure sign of spring. We are going to Vienna to take part in the annual ECR (European Congress of Radiology). ECR is one of the largest medical meetings in Europe. It is also the second-largest radiological meeting in the world that meets every year. As always, there are some interesting things on the programme this year.

The opening is one. This year the motto is “Adagio” and, as always, music is a part of this. The music this year is intending an atmosphere of slow tempo, graceful movements and a leisurely manner. In combination with a big band orchestra, this should be interesting to experience.

There is also a second underlying motto this year; Be a tree’. The European Congress of Radiology has announced this as a part of their work for environmental awareness. This means, that for every person who takes part in the ECR, they will plant a tree. No matter if this person attends onsite or online. The ECR does this to address the issues associated with deforestation. The expected number of planted trees is estimated to be 30.000. This truly is a great idea.

At FlexRay Medical we want to honour this initiative. We promise to plant a tree for every piece of medical imaging equipment we sell during the ECR. This is but a small drop in the ocean, but every drop counts.



We wish to meet with you

Simon Dyrup Nielsen and I will be in Vienna from Wednesday the 11th of March to Saturday the 14th of March. If you happen to be at ECR too, please don’t hesitate to contact Simon or me, so we can meet up.

Contact Mads Vittrup on cell: +45 2859 9829, also WhatsApp

via email: mv@flexraymedical.com.

Contact Simon Dyrup Nielsen on cell: +45 2627 2879, also WhatsApp

via email: sdn@flexraymedical.com

Besides contacting us in advance, it is also possible to drop by and find me in the business lounge area at Café Motto.


Meet FlexRay Medical at ECR 2020


All work and no play

That is no way to enjoy the magnificent city of Vienna. One highlight of the ECR is, of course, the traditional IAMERS cocktail party. The Kempinski Hotel is once again a very pleasant venue. This is on Friday the 13th, but we do not expect any ghosts or monsters to attend.

We strongly hope to meet you there. If you are not a member of this group of peers. I will encourage you to become a member. Follow this link to do so.  If you choose to do so, you are more than welcome to use us as a reference.

This impressive capital of Austria has many marvellous options. Der Spanischen Hofreitschule, known also as the Spanish Riding School, is definitely one. We hope to have the time to go there to see this Austrian institution and of course the beautiful Lipizzaner horses.


Have a great ECR 2020.

Mads Vittrup
CEO & partner
+4528599829 (cell)





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