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On this page, you find other used medical equipment which doesn’t fit our main categories (CT, MRI, PET/CT, X-ray and ultrasound). 

If nothing is available, this page is left blank. 

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Siemens Acuson SC2000 2012 Ultrasound

Availability: IN STOCK

EUropean 2012 Siemens Acuson SC2000

**Probe air-test report is available upon request.

YOM 2012

Software level: VA35E


  • 2011 4Z1c 
  • 4V1C

Software applications: General License

Bedrock General License

2D WorkFlow Accell

M WorkFlow Accell

Ped imaging package

SPECT DOT Workflow accel

TEQ 2D Mode

Volume Cardiac LVA package

Volume Cardiac RVA package

Probe air-test available upon request.

Medrad Spectris Solaris

Availability: IN STOCK

EUropean Medrad Spectris Solaris Injector


Designed for use in all MR Scanner field strengths up to and including 3.0T.


This injector has been checked and prepared by Bayer. 


GE Millenium MPR Nuclear Gamma Camera

Availability: IN STOCK

YOM 2009

Condition: Used – Good

Collimators: LEHR, LEGP, MEGP, pinhole

Detector type: Digital CSE (8,5 mm. / 1/3” Crystal thickness)

Detector size: rectangular 14.5″x20.5″ (370mm*520mm)

Software version: Genie Acquisition release 4.5

Workstation type: Xeleris 3

The GE Milenium MPR gamma camera is a multi-purpose single-head nuclear medicine imaging system.
When you wish to be able to do a variety of studies, incl. static, dynamic, whole-body (WB), multi-gated cardiac, tomographic and gated tomographics, this is the system for you.
This system is available at an affordable price point from October 2020.

It consists of

a Digital CSE™ multi-purpose rectangular (MPR) detector

a pass-through counter-balanced ring gantry

a 3-axis universal imaging table

a GENIE® Acquisition station and

high-performance collimators.

In this specific configuration with a Xeleris workstation upgrade.
Full QA available upon request.


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