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Pre-owned PET/CT scanner


You might know what pre-owned PET/CT you would like to have. But do you really know which model you actually need? Or which PET/CT  is most suitable for your clinic/hospital? Depending on your budget, your location and the number of years you plan to use your “new” pre-owned PET/CT there are many factors to consider. We can assist you with this!

A pre-owned PET/CT is a highly sensitive piece of equipment. As such we do our utmost to make sure the equipment is handled correctly while leaving nothing to be desired before they reach our warehouse. Leaving such electronics in a warehouse to wait for months and months is not recommendable. Therefore, please contact us with what you need via email: sales@flexraymedical.com and we will keep you posted on what we got coming.

Also, keep in mind we can assist you with a turnkey solution.

  • Site preparation
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • After-Sales Service

Buying a PET/CT is a huge investment and a major project. As such it’s of utmost importance you not only consider what you can afford today. You also need to consider the lifetime expense of the system: Buying it, shipping it, preparing the site, installation, service, parts etc. All of this you need to put in direct relation to your number of patients. Often the math is as simple as it is surprising! You could also have a look in our FAQ. Maybe what you want to know is answered there.

2009 Siemens Biograph 64 TruePoint

S/N 1049
PETSyngo 6.7.3, Biopgraph 64 VB42B
Straton Z tube, 2015, with approx. 430k scan sec (403k Dec 10, 2018)
Syngo CT Acquisition WorkPlace PERMANENT options: DICOM SR Viewer, PET Hirez, PET OSEM3D, PET Truex, PET Dynamic Replay, PET gated Replay, MR Support i, Get Worklist, Cap3D Filter SSD, Cap3D Filter MIP, Cap3D main, Cap3D Voimode, Cardio pro, Cardio Retro, Bolus Track, Care Dose, Syngo General License, Cap3D filter VRT, Cap3D Editor, high Speed, Cap3D Fusion base, Cap3D Fusion LM, Power Tube, cardiac speed 0.37, MPPS Support, Volume Workflow, Cap3D Fusion Auto, Extended FOV, PET APPL, Cap3D Fusion Layout, Cap3D Fusion Clip View, Cap3D Rotating MIP, INJ Connection, Respiratory Retro, Respiratory Pro, Sensatio64,   NMG CD Viewer.
Syngo CT Workplace PERMANENT options: PET Hirez, PET Osem3D, PET Truex, PET gated Replay, Get Worklist, Cap3D Filter SSDK, Cap3D Filter MIP, Cap3D main, Cap3D Voimode, Syngo General license, cap3D Filter VRT, Cap3D Editor, Cap3D fusion base, Cap3D fusion LM, Perfusion, MPPS Support, Volume Workflow,Recon remote, Cap3D FusionAuto, Extended FOV, PET APPL, Cap3D FusionLayout, Cap3D Fusion Clip View, Cap3D Rotating MIP.