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Pre-owned RF-Xray scanner


We have always a wide range of pre-owned RF-Xray equipment available, but most are sold prior to making it to the website. Therefore if you don’t see what you are looking for please write to us at sales@flexraymedical.com.

Also, keep in mind we can assist you with a turnkey solution.

  • Site preparation
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • After-Sales Service

You might know what pre-owned RF-Xray you would like to have. But do you really know which model you actually need? Or which RF-Xray is most suitable for your clinic/hospital? Depending on your budget, your location and the number of years you plan to use your “new” pre-owned RF-Xray there are many factors to consider. We can assist you with this!

Buying an RF-Xray is a huge investment and a major project. As such it’s of utmost importance you not only consider what you can afford today. You need to consider the lifetime expense of the system: Buying it, shipping it, preparing the site, installation, service, parts etc. All of this you need to put in direct relation to your number of patients. Often the math is as simple as it is surprising! You could also have a look in our FAQ. Maybe what you want to know is answered there.

2009 Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva

A state of the art multipurpose interventional system. Due to the excellent C-arm based design you can carry out a large spectrum of examinations: From Interventional fluoroscopy to radiography. Urology, pain management, gastrointestinal, vascular, orthopedics or trauma.  The possibility of doing a wide range of examinations on the room makes it for you a smart investment. You are no longer limited to certain procedures.
Due the unique C-arm design you can do full 180 degree rotation which also enables 3D (3D-RX).

EUropean 2009 Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva FD incl. a 2009 DigitalDiagnost VR !

State of the art in multi-purpose X-ray systems. With this C-arm based remote controlled room you can handle a very wide range of examination from interventional fluoroscopy through standard radiography examinations. Urology, pain management, gastrointestinal, vascular, orthopedics, & trauma.

incl. Trixell Pixium 4700 detector in C-arm (same as on Philips FD20 angio)
Velara 80 generator
Exam room user interface
Quick Review Console
ViewForum Workstation release 6.3V1L5 (w/ 18″ LCD, PC, keyboard and mouse)
3x LCD in-room monitor suspension
3D-RX XtraVision


incl. Trixell Pixium 4600 detector (in wall stand)
CS4, sealing suspended tube
Optimus 80 generator
BD VS/VS Advanced
SW licenses installed: RIS Worklist Management, TableBucky Sensing, Tracking, VS height, VS tilt, Wall bucky Sensing, Wireless Portable Detector, RIS MPPS, RIS Worklist Sensing, Tracking, VS Height, VS TIlt, WallBucky Sensing, DoseReporting, FSremoteAccess, FS VirusGuard Update, FTP-RIS, Free Rotation, Full Screen Mode, MoveToPositionWallstand, AlignDetectorToCS, CSmotorization, COllimatorFilter, DICOM-Export, DICOM-print, DoseAwareness, DoseReporting

DEINSTALL: Summer 2018

1992 Siemens Mobilett 2

The perfect diagnostic tool for basic diagnostics in remote areas. An easy to use work horse system available at a very fair price.