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Sell Equipment

Sell Equipment

Why should you choose FlexRay Medical when you want to sell your used medical equipment?

Because when you choose FlexRay Medical you get a handheld and problem free solution, ensuring that you can keep your focus on what’s important: Your patient flow and implementing the new system.

When you choose FlexRay Medical you also get a thorough project planning on-site-visit well in advance. That way we all avoid unpleasant surprises which might result in unwelcome delays.

Choose FlexRay Medical because we understand that you need the highest possible price for your used equipment. But you also need market-leading project planning and project management. This ensures you a swift, smooth and problem-free replacement of your equipment.

The best possible project management is the key and at FlexRay Medical we have vast experience in this and work hard to ensure that:

  • The system is fully tested
  • The exit route is correctly mapped
  • ALL cabling for the equipment is identified and much more

We do all this in a highly professional manner to ensure, that you do not experience problems at the deinstall. We know that it is of great importance, that your new equipment can be installed as soon as possible. That is why we take great care in preparing the deinstall of your used medical equipment.

All in all, these are key reasons why you should get in touch with us at sourcing@flexraymedical.com when you have any equipment up for replacement.


Help us to help you maximize your evaluation

In addition to the without doubt best project handling, we also offer a fair market evaluation of the equipment which you are planning to sell.

Please remember to include at least the basic information listed below, when you contact FlexRay Medical when you wish to sell equipment you no longer need or do not wish to keep:

  • Brand
  • Model name
  • Year of manufacturing

Of course, we appreciate as much information regarding the equipment you wish to sell as possible, but these points are enough for us to give an indication of our level of interest.

Would you want a fair market evaluation? Please do not hesitate to contact us at sourcing@flexraymedical.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You are also more than welcome to contact Simon Dyrup Nielsen directly.

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