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Offer us equipment

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Offer us equipment

Contact FlexRay Medical when you are in the market to sell your used medical equipment

When you wish to sell your medical imaging equipment, you also want to get the best price possible for your equipment. Below is what we need to know, in order to give a fair market evaluation. Please contact us via mail or the contact form here.

We aim to get back to you within 48 hours, with a fair market evaluation or a request for further information/specifications about your system.

Based on the details you provide we strive to make you a fair, reasonable and trustworthy assessment of your equipment. Possibly followed by an offer/commitment to buy when your equipment is due for replacement. A fair market evaluation: We aim for long time cooperation with all our suppliers.

As a start, we kindly ask you to provide us with some basic information about your equipment:

  • Equipment manufacturer 
  • Model name 
  • Production year 
  • Equipment condition (functional and cosmetic condition)
  • Expected time for replacement/availability for de-installation

Adding af few pictures of the system and the serial numbers are also very helpful, so we can give you the most accurate price possible.

Assessing your used medical imaging equipment

Based on the initial details you provide, we aim to perform an immediate assessment of the equipment and return to you within a matter of a few days. If your request is urgent and you need a same-day evaluation, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Depending on the type of equipment you wish to sell, we will often revert to you with some further questions. The specifications which we need to know, typically vary depending on modality, brand, model and age/generation of your system.

In some cases, we request permission to inspect the equipment at the current site where it is installed. In such cases, we inspect the equipment with the intention of making a committed offer to buy.

Unfortunately, not all equipment represent a value to us. Certain models are not sought after on the used market and in other cases, equipment can be too old to re-sell, as it is not viable to keep servicing and replacing spare parts on the equipment – in such cases, the equipment is considered obsolete, also for the used market. When the cost to dismantle correctly, remove and pack for shipment exceeds the re-sale value of the equipment, it becomes obsolete. If this is the case, we may be able to offer you a scrapping solution. 

The bottom line is, the more detailed information you can to give us, the better the valuation we are able to present to you. 

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