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Things worth considering

Things worth considering before buying

At FlexRay Medical we believe that the following are things worth considering before buying a piece of used and/or refurbished medical equipment. FlexRay Medical can assist and support you the below points. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss. We can for sure support you in your entire procurement process.
The points are in random order – what is most important really depends very much on you and your specific project.

Point 1:

It’s very important you determine not only what model/type of equipment you would like, but most importantly what you actually need. Often what you would like and what you would actually need are two very different things indeed. This of course also depends on your budget.

Point 2:

OK, you know what you would like and what you need – but does it match your budget? Remember to consider the entire investment, not just the equipment hardware. Did you consider site requirements? Refurbish requirements? And what life time investment should you expect? For instance same model CT scanner can come with different tube models and consequently a new tube can set you back anything from EUR 40.000 to 140.000.

Point 3: 

It goes for life in general and for the procurement of medical equipment in particularly that you can buy equipment too cheaply. Believe us when we say you do NOT want the cheapest on the pre-owned medical market. What you need is a long lasting solution to keep lifetime costs low and up time high – and this normally comes at a slightly higher initial investment. There are no such thing as a free lunch and as such quality comes at a cost.

Point 4:

Do you need a used system or a refurbished system? And what level of refurbishment? No matter what, make sure this is very, very clear in your contract as every company in the industry have their own definition. It’s a balance between functionality and lifetime cost expectations. Same goes for warranties and service; everything is possible, but at some point the price outweighs the benefit.

Point 5:

We would also strongly recommend you spend the money to go inspect the equipment you are buying. Preferably before it’s deinstalled from its original location. If your source can’t show you what they are selling there’s a good chance they don’t actually own the equipment and as such you really shouldn’t buy anything from them.

Point 6:

Your needs are defined, your budget is cleared, so where do you go buy? Make sure to check the background of your final supplier and make sure they own/have clear title to the equipment they are selling. It’s crucial you buy from a serious and trustworthy company who has the knowledge and experience to cater your need.