Where do you buy used medical equipment of top quality?


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The first time you do your research to find the perfect used CT, MRI or PET-CT scanner, it is a confusing task. 

How do you know where to look? 

How do you find the gems and avoid the rubbish?


This blog is an intro to where to search and where you turn to get help in the hunt for used imaging equipment.

At the bottom of this text, I have added a few extra reads to assist you in your search.


You can find anything online, but. 

While it is possible to find all kinds of equipment on the internet, I absolutely do NOT recommend buying your next scanner from the first shiny webpage with some flashy copy you come across. 


A good buy needs more than a becoming and intriguing price tag on it.  


I DO recommend buying from a reputable source, someone who actually knows the difference from one CT scanner to another. That is why I recommend a bit of caution when you decide on a dealer. 



Where do you find valuable used medical equipment?


You can ask a friend or colleague. That is a tried-and-true approach. Ask someone who has bought that type of equipment themselves. What did they do? Do they have any tips for you? Do they know the person or company you consider buying from? References are always valuable.  


If you have zero networks within the industry, a public trading forum could be one place to begin your search for a stable system that fits your needs. Online you find several public trading forums that focus on medical equipment, parts and service. They are only a quick Google search away.

Under all circumstances, I recommend you only buy equipment from a member of IAMERS.

This trade organization guarantees ethical business dealings. In fact, given your supplier is a member, if you feel they have tricked you, you can always ask the IAMERS ethical committee for assistance.



Give the ownership, or proprietorship, of the system a thought. 


Does the one you negotiate with own the system themselves or sell it on behalf of someone else? Taking ownership into consideration has immense potential for saving you time, money and trouble.



How YOU benefit from buying directly from the owner


Cut out the go-between and save money. 


When you are in direct contact with the owner, there is no go-between needing payment too. Not having to pay a fee usually means you save a significant bit of money. Money that you can spend on the shipping, a site visit, or whatever you prefer. 


Buying directly from the source is a guarantee that the system is actually available. 

By the time you have finished negotiations with your go-between, chances are the actual owner of the equipment has sold the unit to somebody else. 

If you have already wired a deposit to the go-between, then you spend your time getting that money refunded.



You get the liberty to inspect the equipment.


The possibility to inspect the equipment is one of THE best things you can do when you buy used scanners. Because most often, the contractual term will be “as is” (or WAF). 

Your inspection is the only chance you have to check the equipment and make sure everything is as desired and as promised.


Preferably you even inspect the system BEFORE de-installing. That gives you the best chances of catching any minor or dominant malfunctions or other quirks of the system before you settle on a price. 

In case you are buying a piece of equipment already de-installed, at least make sure your seller has performed an extensive test of the kit AND that they will present to you their findings. Such a test report is no guarantee, but it is certainly far better than nothing.


Follow me to my next point.


Where do you buy used medical equipment of top quality?


You have an easier time troubleshooting any issues


Simply because you are in direct contact with the seller and you examined the device.


Having direct contact with the seller often gives you the complete history of the system. 

Did a full-service contract cover the system? Have there been any issues with the scanner? What were they? How and when were they repaired?


You can say the communication will be less complicated without a go-between where XYZ gets lost in translation. 



 Are there no drawbacks?


Just as you cannot eat onions without getting bad breath, there are also a few things to consider in this situation.


When you are new to buying used imaging equipment, you most likely will not know the usual things to look out for in neither a system nor a sales contract. If you are buying “as is”, it is of utmost importance as the risk is on you.

For this, reach out to your network. If you do not know anyone who can help you, reach out to someone who does. Most people like to help others. No matter what, I would like to stress the importance of choosing a company member of IAMERS as this brings you security.



To wrap this blog up in less time than a sneeze, the benefits of buying a used CT, MRI, PET/CT directly from the owner are:

  • You save money when you cut out the middleman.
  • You should have vast opportunities to inspect the equipment. 
  • Troubleshooting is easier.
  • The seller often knows the history of the system.



If I can be of any assistance to you, you are welcome to contact me, and I will do my best to help in any way that I can.

Mads Vittrup

CEO & partner

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