2009 Siemens Biograph 64 TruePoint with TrueView

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Software level: VB42B
Tube: Straton Z from November 2020 = basically a new tube.
External workstation: Yes, a Syngo CT WorkPlace

  • The system passed all our QA tests (Jan 12th 2021).
  • 2020 Straton Z tube: The new tube brings you extra years of scanning before replacement is needed. This is as good as money in the bank!
  • TrueView brings you an unmatched Field Of View ( = shorter scan times and lower dose rate).
  • TrueView enables the fastest whole-body scan possible.
  • LSO: state of the art crystal detector.
  • HiRez option: for unmatched image resolution.
  • Care Dose: Real-time dose modulation
  • and much, much more!

Full system Q&A test report is available upon request.