Circular economy

The Benefits of a Circular Economy

The top keyword on the circular economy in our business is keeping the variety of medical imaging equipment in use for longer. The point is to make high-quality diagnostic equipment more widely available through affordable prices and top service. Also, this principle keeps the raw materials in use for longer.

For an MRI or CT scanner replaced by a European hospital, it is not uncommon after resale to be in use for an additional ten years at a new location. With many clear benefits to both the environment and society. This way the raw materials are not only being kept in use “for a second term”, but it also brings diagnostics capabilities to areas of the world where this is a very scarce commodity.

As such, a circular economy is beneficial to not only hospitals, leasing companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers. A circular economy is making sophisticated diagnostic equipment available for more people on a global scale. Because, when used equipment is more affordable, more hospitals and clinics have access.


Beneficial to you and others

Be sure you choose a professional partner when selling.
Selling your medical imaging equipment should be beneficial for everyone. Minimising unnecessary waste is always good. Plus you get a sum of money which help pay for the new equipment.

Bringing better access to proper diagnostic imaging contributes to better health care for patients in another part of the world.

FlexRay Medical makes high quality and affordable diagnostic imaging available in more “remote” parts of the world. We have experience in installing MRI, CT and X-Ray systems in more rural areas of developing countries. For instance, in sub-Saharan Africa.

In certain countries, some of our installations are some of the very first diagnostic systems installed. It brings diagnostic capabilities to areas and people who would otherwise have had none.

At Flexray Medical, we are happy and proud to contribute to a better world. Large words but an ample reach of imaging equipment leads to better diagnostics for patients in need.

On top of that, this is also of benefit for the Planet. Read more on this blog on Global Recycling Day.