About FlexRay

High-quality diagnostic imaging equipment to more people

Since our founding in 2015 in Aalborg, Denmark, we have served many hundreds of clients across the globe. Many times we are the first to install a used CT or MRI in that city or region.

Through the years we have developed an extensive network of trusted partners who assist us “on the ground” worldwide. This gives us the possibility to offer you brilliant solutions and at fair prices.  This know-how makes the whole process simpler for everyone involved. You and your project are in safe hands.


You get:

  • An experienced dealer and service provider of used medical equipment.
  • Flexible, fair priced equipment and solutions second to none.
  • Systems which all undergo extensive testing prior to deinstall.
  • A detailed map of the optimal exit route. Done at one or more on-site inspections prior to the de-installation.
  • Everything ready for the system to be reinstalled at a new site. You avoid time-consuming and expensive surprises when de-installing the equipment.

Every project is the result of a close and effective dialogue during the whole process. Ensuring you a fully satisfactory solution now and in the following years.

How we work

Happy customers are the best recommendation we can get. We strongly believe in the classic virtues of customer care and satisfaction, and hold this as our base for all transactions. During the years we have already served hundreds of clients in almost every country around the globe.

We have an extensive network and cooperation with hospitals, clinics, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and leasing companies across Western Europe. That way we always have a healthy flow of well-maintained equipment of the main brands, also known as “The Big 5”:

GE – Hitachi – Philips – Siemens – Toshiba/Canon.

Our main focus is on the diagnostic imaging equipment types MRI and CT. We also handle other types of imaging equipment, so feel free to contact us with what you need. For instance that could be a PET/CTultrasound or regular X-ray.

To see the full range of our available services please follow this link.


Wanna stay in the loop?

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Another option is to write to Mads when you are looking for equipment.

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