MRI Modular

Like any new MRI suite—Unlike any new MRI suite

Are you considering expanding your scanning capacity? Then you have probably already thought about both budgets and project timelines. You have probably also considered how many months you should expect the project to affect your daily operations with noise and building clutter.


Let FlexRay Medical make it easy for you with our Nordic Modular Solution.


Avoid several months of contractors and building rubble in your existing facilities. From the day we deliver your modular building on a low-loader, and until your new scanner is in place and ready for scanning your patients, it typically only takes 1-2 weeks.


In short, you save time when you choose a modular unit from FlexRay Medical. We adapt all our units to the individual site, scanner requirements and your preferences. All you need to focus on is which scanner you wish to have installed and your wishes for internal finishing. We then keep track of the whole design, production and delivery process.


You choose whether the floors should have a traditional vinyl look, a wood-like finish or be more reminiscent of granite or concrete. There are many options to choose from. The furniture elements can also be delivered in a variety of colours, from white over turquoise and honey to wood-like finishing. In addition, skylights are offered and provide the feeling of looking up at a clear blue sky. Here there are also several options to choose from. In this way, we ensure that the modular visually merge with your existing facilities.

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A modular unit from FlexRay Medical is a valuable addition to your existing facilities. You get a complete and tailor-made solution with your choice of OEM, for the MRI to be installed.

The modular’s “all-inclusive” concept makes it especially suitable on sites, where the space is limited in the existing facilities. Contact us and get a quote on a solution today.


When you choose to have your new MRI delivered in one of our modular solutions, the modular unit comes equipped so that it completely fits the requirements of the given MRI model you have chosen.

  • chiller to provide cooling water for your specific MRI;
  • air-conditioning that ensures the specified temperature ranges in the rooms;
  • RF-cage to avoid RF interference;
  • waveguides in RF-cage, allowing for various auxiliary equipment, such as injectors;
  • passive shielding, which limits the 5 gauss / 0.5mT line inside the scan room unit;
  • main board for the power distribution to both the MRI and the modular building;
  • humidifier to maintain the correct humidity level;
  • storage solutions for coils, phantoms, consumables, documentation etc. in the examination and operator room.


When the modular arrives at your facility, all construction work is finished at the factory. 1-2 weeks later the system setting-to-work, start-up and calibrations have been completed and everything is ready to use. Transport of the unit is done with a truck and low-loader and placement on site is done with a crane. We ensure everything is ready for use when we leave the site. You simply have to sign off on your new MRI suite and start scanning your patients!


Expanding your scanning capacity with a modular is in most cases not more expensive than traditional construction methods to expand existing facilities. We use only construction industry standard materials and build in a standardised and quality-controlled process. It makes your investment long-lasting.

We look forward to working with you.

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View of a MRI modular from the inside