Nordic Modular Solution cases

Cases—Nordic Modular Solution


Embark on a firsthand journey into our process!


While we can certainly describe our work, nothing beats seeing it unfold before your eyes.

Dive into our videos and photos showcasing the seamless arrival of the Nordic Modular Solution, arriving as one cohesive unit, ready to be securely fastened to your foundations. A crane is not only efficient when lifting the unit of a truck or low-loader. The crane also makes it possible to place the modular into places where the whole low-loader does not fit into

These videos illustrate what you can expect when working with FlexRay Medical.

Explore the videos below showcasing the meticulous installation of a Nordic Modular Solution. Witness the efficiency of our process—installation in a matter of hours! Experience the convenience of minimal onsite disruption compared to weeks of construction crews outside your hospital or clinic for weeks.