Modular Solutions

Like any new building—Unlike any new building

Expand your facilities to accommodate a brand new MRI or CT scanner without enduring the inconvenience of noise and mess that goes along with a building site.


A Nordic Modular Solution is a different and attractive alternative to remodelling or expanding your existing facilities, using traditional construction methods, because all the construction work is completed at JMP Medical’s facilities. This off-site work results in a ready-made solution which we deliver directly to your facility. After we deliver your new unit, electricity, water and network connection are the only things left to connect before installing your preferred MRI or CT scanner. It takes as little as 1-2 weeks after delivery before your modular solution is ready to use and the system is ready for patient scanning.


With a modular unit from FlexRay Medical, we deliver a tailor-made solution that is a complete, flexible and reliable unit optimised to your needs.

It is complete because right from its arrival, this modular solution provides the environment necessary to operate your new MRI or CT scanner.


Your modular solution comes with:

  • lead- or RF- and magnetic shielding;
  • all the required electrical installations;
  • cooling system for scanner and room cooling;
  • optional changing room(s) inside the operator room
  • furniture suited for daily use and in compliance with common cleaning requirements;
  • complete documentation of the unit and building materials used, enabling you to apply for a local permanent building permission.


We design the unit in cooperation with you, giving you a solution that both lives up to the technical requirements of the scanner, as well as your specific preferences for the finishing.

We deliver a unit suitable for installation on a limited amount of square metres, yet provides a spacious feeling when entering the unit. Everything will be designed to support your daily workflow.


You have the freedom to choose between many scanner manufacturers and models on the market, depending on which best fulfils your clinical needs. We deliver a tailor-made modular solution which lives up to the scanner’s installation requirements and gives your patients and staff a first-class experience.

The Nordic Modular units are compatible with most MRI and CT models from OEMs like Canon Medical Systems, GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare and Siemens Healthineers. We control all aspects of design and production, which is why your unit always meets the requirements for reliable and safe operation.

If you are curious about more information about our Nordic Modular Solutions for MRI and CT scanners, call us or send us an email today We will guide you to the solution best suited for your needs.


Your new modular is flexible because it is usable as a “stand-alone” solution or integrated with existing buildings.

This modular solution is also flexible with the interior design. You get lighting, colours, graphics and more arranged according to your preference and needs so that it merges seamlessly with your existing facilities.


The modular is relocatable because all required installations are integrated with the unit itself. We conduct the actual transport with a truck and low-loader. A crane takes care of the rest.

If you at some point have the need to relocate your facilities, we can move the unit from A to B in the same way we first installed it. Relocating the unit will take around 1-2 weeks.

Crane lifting Nordic Modular Solution into place

Our modular solution is an efficient and fast way to expand your scanning capacity compared to conventional construction works, which often take months.

Because we build your new modular from industry-standard materials, it is a reliable choice. We handle regular maintenance and service with spare parts and materials widely available in Nordic countries. Our solutions are a tested and well-proven concept, which will provide you with a reliable product for many years.


Depending on your choice of MRI or CT model and your specific requirements, we can construct the modular building as a temporary and easily relocatable solution or as a semi-permanent modular building.

Our modular building is a versatile solution because there are many possibilities for placement. You do not have to compromise with quality or the experience for your patients and staff. The unit can be either delivered as a stand-alone unit with ramp access or as a fully integrated unit, connected to existing buildings.


Are you ready to learn more about how we can provide a tailor-made solution that accommodates your needs? Contact us now for a free consultation on your potential project.

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