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Are you looking for an MRI scanner?

Getting the newest possible version might not be the right solution. We help you find the right system for your need and your patients. Because buying an MRI scanner is about getting the right equipment for the job. In many cases buying a used MRI scanner is the perfect balance between functionality and price. It’s really a question about need to have and nice to have.


Can’t find what you are looking for today? Many systems get sold before we have a chance to post them online, but we always have new diagnostic imaging systems in the pipeline.


Want to learn when new equipment is available?

2010/2015 Philips Achieva dStream 1.5T 

Availability: SPRING 2021

System YOM 2010
dStream upgraded in 2015

Application software:
Gradients: Copley 787
F2000 magnet
RF channels: 16ch (though no longer relevant since upgraded to the digital solution dStream)
Workstation: Yes, “Extended MR WorkSpace” is included.

Enabled software options on console:
Basic SW, SMART-Scan brain, 2D-VCG, 16 RF Channels, 2K imaging, 3D MSK View, Advanced EPI, GraSE, 3D Brain View, High SENSE factors, Kt-BLAST, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-flow, CentraKeyhole, Contrast enh perf., CentraplusKeyhole, Moving bed ima, Adv moving bed ima, Adv peripheral angio, High-end recon, Black blood prepulse, Body Resp navigators, MSMP, Multivane, Cardiac triggered IR, Retrospective, Pros. Motion corr, REST grid, Cardiac perfusion, Interactive, T1 Perfusion, SR-mid, Diffusion calc., Perfusion calc., Q-flow analysis, mDIXON TSE, SR-max, Routine UI, XML/REC data export, Mobi View, Split Exam, Optimized Refocusing Control.

Enabled commercial options:
Cardiac export spec, SR-Max high-performance gradients, mdixion XD TSE Specialist, ReconExcel, Scan tools premium, scan tools pro, Smartexam brain, software R5.3, stationary system.

Accessories: Respiratory cushion, headset alarm ball, ECG lead, patient blower. Manuals, phantoms and back-ups.

dStrem Base, dStream Head, dStream head/Neck, dStream Small extremity 8ch, dStream Shoulder 8ch, dStream breast 7ch, dStream Knee 16ch, dStream anterior, dStream Flex S, dStream Flex L, dStream interface.

FULL Q&A report available on request.

2007 Philips Achieva 1.5T 16ch (upgraded to rel. 5 in 2016)

Availability: IN STOCK

Software release: 5.3.1 (2016 upgrade)
Gradients: Nova Dual (Copley 281+ gradients and switch).
No RF channels: 16ch
RF amp type: S23_64
Magnet type: F2000
Acquisition system: CDAS

Sense Neuro Vascular 16ch (2013)
Synergo spine (2010)
Synergy body+breast (2006)
Synergy Cardiac (2007)
Sense Foot+ankle (2008)
Sense knee 8ch (2006)
Sense wrist/hand 4ch (2011)
Sense Flex M (2012)
Sense Flex L (2006)
QHC el_load
C1 loop (2006)
C3 loop (2006)

Software options installed:
Basic SW, SMART scan brain, 2d VCG, 16rf channels, 3D MSK View, Advanced EPI, GraSE, 3D Brain View, High SENSE factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, phase navigators, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-flow, Contrast enh. perf., moving bed ima., adv. moving bed ima., add. peripheral angio, whole body, high-end recon, black blood prepulse, body resp navigators, MSMP, multivane, Cardiac triggered IR, retrospective, Prosp. motion corr., T1 perfusion, SR-mid, Diffusion calc., Perfusion calc., Q-flow analysis, mDIXON TSE, SR-max, ROutine UI, XML/REC data export, mobi view, Split exam, TSE optimized refocusing control.

Accessories included:
Table trolley (2 pcs)
Detachable tabletop (2 pcs)
Respiratory cushion
Alarm ball

Full system Q&A report available on request.

Hitachi Airis Aperto 0.4T

Availability: IN STOCK

Hitachi Airis Aperto 0.4T

NOTE The below details are for example only. We buy, sell and reinstall Aperto’s on a continuous basis; let us know if you are interested and our team will one for you as well!

YOM 2007
Software level: 5
Number of RF channels: 4
FOV: 5 to 35cm

Body L
Body M
Head QD
Knee QD
Joint / Neck

Software options:
2D/3D Spin Echo, Fast Spin Echo
2D/3D Gradient Echo, Fast Gradient echo
2D/3D Inversion Recovery, Fast inversion recovery
Breat holding, ultra fast imaging
Multi Slice/ Multi Angle
2D/3D Time of Flight Angio
2D/3D Phase contrast Angio (with no saturation protocols)
Multi Slap Angio
ADA (Asymmetric Data Acquisiton)
AMI & BWS (Asymmetric measurement & band width selection)
MTC (Magnetic Transfer Contrast)
Half Echo
T1 Dual Slice
Fat/Water separation
ECG and Peripheral gating
Slice plans: transferse, sagittal, Coronal, double oblique, mulit-angle

What makes a system the right system depends on you and what the needs are. 


The needs are determined by a number of things. 

Where you are located. 

How many years do you plan to use the MRI?

What type of patients do you have and how many patients you expect to have a day? 

The list is long. 

Your budget is also something to take into consideration. 


Buying a MRI is both a big decision and a complicated project. 

As such it is of utmost importance that you not only consider what you can afford in the short term. 

You also need to consider the Total Cost of Ownership during the equipment’s lifespan. This includes buying it, shipping,  preparation of the site, installation, service contract, spare parts and more. 


You might get surprised by how much more you can get for your money when you choose to buy used diagnostic imaging equipment. 

But do be careful and only buy fully tested equipment. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after forgetting the sweetness of low prices.


If you need help to assess your needs, we are always ready to help you. You can also read this blog post on the subject. On top of this, you may also find answers in our FAQ.


Keep in mind that we also can assist you with a turnkey solution. A turnkey solution typically includes:

  • Warranty
  • Installation
  • Site Planning
  • After-Sales Service.


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