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Pre-owned MRI scanner


At FlexRay medical, we help you in finding the best pre-owned MRI for your need. Maybe you already know what MRI you would like to have. But do you really know which model you actually need? Or which MRI is most suitable for your clinic/hospital?   

Did you know that FlexRay Medical can also offer a complete turnkey solution for your pre-owned MRI project?

  • Site preparation
  • RF cage
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • After-Sales Service

Buying an MRI is a huge investment and a major project. As such it’s of utmost importance you not only consider what you can afford today. You also very much need to consider the lifetime expense of the system: Buying it, shipping it, preparing the site, installation, service, helium, parts etc. All of this you need to put in direct relation to your number of patients. Often the math is as simple as it is surprising! You could also have a look in our FAQ. Maybe what you want to know is answered there.

Siemens Symphony TiM – backend only

EUropean system.

Symphony TiM – backend only. Perfect for upgrading your existing Symphony and thus taking your clinic to the next level.

Please write or call for more details.

Availability: Immediately from stock

2014 Philips Multiva 1.5T 16ch, 

EUropean system
Application software release:

F2000 magnet
Gradient: Copley 781 gradient amplifier
RF amp type: S35_64
Acquisition syste: CDAS
RF Channels: 16
System SN: 44613

Software options, permant:
Basic SW, 2D-VCG, 16RF channels, High SENSE Factors, Extended FOV, Keyhole, DWI, TE>TR, Thrive, Q-flow, Contract eng perf., moving bed imaing, Afvanced miving bed imaging, Advanced peripheral angio, high end recon, black blood prepulse, Multivane, retrospective, SR-mid, diffusion calc., mDIXION TSE, SR-max, Routine UI, Mobi View.

Sense head 16ch
Sense Spine 16ch
Sense knee 16ch
Sense Wrist 8ch
Sense foot/ankle
Sense Torso 16ch
Sense MSK M 8ch

Availability: Immediately available from cold storage in central Europe.

Full system Q&A available on request,


Hitachi Airis Mate 0.2T

YOM 2007
Software level V5.0S

Body L
Body M

Availability: IN STOCK

Hitachi Airis Aperto 0.4T

YOM 2007
Software level:
Number of RF channels: 4
FOV: 5 to 35cm

Body L
Body M
Head QD
Knee QD
Joint / Neck

Software options:
2D/3D Spin Echo, Fast Spin Echo
2D/3D Gradient Echo, Fast Gradient echo
2D/3D Inversion Recovery, Fast inversion recovery
Breat holding, ultra fast imaging
Multi Slice/ Multi Angle
2D/3D Time of Flight Angio
2D/3D Phase contrast Angio (with no saturation protocols)
Multi Slap Angio
ADA (Asymmetric Data Acquisiton)
AMI & BWS (Asymmetric measurement & band width selection)
MTC (Magnetic Transfer Contrast)
Half Echo
T1 Dual Slice
Fat/Water separation
ECG and Peripheral gating
Slice plans: transferse, sagittal, Coronal, double oblique, mulit-angle

Availability: IN STOCK

If you know what MRI system you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at sales@flexraymedical.com

We always have a wide range of equipment available, but most is sold prior to making it to the website. Therefore it’s very important we know what you are looking for in order to keep you up to date on incoming equipment.