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Pre-owned MRI scanner


At FlexRay medical, we help you in finding the best pre-owned MRI for your need. Maybe you already know what MRI you would like to have. But do you really know which model you actually need? Or which MRI is most suitable for your clinic/hospital?   

Did you know that FlexRay Medical can also offer a complete turnkey solution for your pre-owned MRI project?

  • Site preparation
  • RF cage
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • After-Sales Service

Buying an MRI is a huge investment and a major project. As such it’s of utmost importance you not only consider what you can afford today. You also very much need to consider the lifetime expense of the system: Buying it, shipping it, preparing the site, installation, service, helium, parts etc. All of this you need to put in direct relation to your number of patients. Often the math is as simple as it is surprising! You could also have a look in our FAQ. Maybe what you want to know is answered there.

2007 Siemens Espree TiM 1.5T 18ch WIDE BORE: 70cm

EUropean MRI system.
System serial number: 30532

Full system Q&A report, more pictures and details available upon request!

Key features of the Siemens Espree:

* 70cm wide bore for better patient comfort
* Short magnet (125cm) allow most exams to be done head out of magnet
* In-bore lightning for comfort
* Small magnet foot print
* Only 1000l of helium – ZERO BOIL OFF
* Powerful gradients
* ..and much, much more!

System software basis: Numaris/4
Software version Syngo MR B19
Gradient engine: DZ (33mT/m, slew rate 170 T/m/ms)
TiM version: 76×18
No RF channels: 18 ch
External workstation: Leonardo (Syngo MMWP VE26A)

Software options:
TiM application suite, Neuro suite, Body suite, Angio suite, Cardiac suite, Ortho suite, Onco suite, pediatric suite, breast suite, scientific suite, Syngo general license, Matrix Mode, 3D Usage License (3D MPR, 3D MIP, 3D SSD), Argus Viewer (Worklist, MDDW), PhoenixZIP (Syngo remote assist, Inline 3D Distortion Correction, Image filter, MPPS 3D Distortion Correction, Tim Planning suite (Composing), Inline Conposing (Inline Diffusion), TiMCT Fast View, TiM Whole Body (Magnetom Espree), Inline BOLD Imaging,(Spectroscopy: SVS, Advanced Cardiac, Flow quantification, Spectroscopy: 2 CSI, UDEA, MR BOLD Evaluation, iPAT extensions, MR 3D inline fMRI, inline perfusion, MR3D offline fMRI, Diffusion Tenser Imaging, AutoAlign Spine, BLADE, T-class, Syngo Chorus MR, GRACE, Optimized protocols for EX, Spectroscopy 3D CSI .

Bold imaging, Spectroscopy, Cap3D Filter MIP, Cap3D filter SSD, Cap3D Voimode, Cap3D main, Get Worklist, Adv cardiac, Argus main, RoW, Flow Quant, SpecCsi, iDEA, Bold Eva main, PAT advanced, adv. func neuro, MPPS Support, MR3D fMRI inline, MR Composing Spine, WholeBody, Diffusion, Perfusion, TiM_8, TiM_18, 3D fMRI base, TiM application, MatrixMode, Syngo General License, DZ gradients, MR DIS3D, inline Composing, DiffusionTenser imaging, MR spine auto align, Stepping, Inline Ds3D, BLADE, CV main, T Class, TimCT Fast View, Chorus MR, Phoenix ZIP, GRACE, Stereotactic TSE, Support i, Spec 3D CSI, Espree.


  • Body A 16ch
    Body P 16ch
    Body matrix
    Flex L 4ch
    Breast matrix F
    Breast matrix H
    CP Flex Large
    CP Flex Small
    Head matrix
    Neck matrix
    PA matrix F
    PA matrix H
    Spine matrix

Availabilty: Deinstall scheduled for March/April 2020

FlexRay - Siemens Espree 1.5T_18ch

FlexRay – Siemens Espree 1.5T_18ch

FlexRay - Siemens Espree 1.5T_18ch

FlexRay – Siemens Espree 1.5T_18ch

2012 GE Optima MR450W 1.5T GEM WIDE BORE: 70cm

EUropean system in excellent condition!
Full Q&A test report, much more pictures and documentation available on request

Year Of manufacture: 2012
No of RF channels: 32
Software release: 25x (DV25.1_R03_1802.a)
Gradient tybe: 8920 (XGD)
Compressor: Sumitomo F-50H, YOM 2011, 62k running hours

Software licenses on console (all permanent):
Fgretc, mfgre2D, ReadCard, TmCourse, Delenhmt, Cineir, Delenhmt3D, Heart 3D, navigator, t2 map, edwi, rdy Brain, MPhVar, inhan2D tof, inhan 3Ddpc, inHan ifir, Fiesta 3D, Fiesta 3Dfs, inh 3D Flow, Prop DWI, Prop npw, Prop body, Prop permanent, prop t1 flr, prop t2 flr, Breast 2, Dyn R1, FR2DFSE, acgd Plus, arc, Asset, blflw maps, blood supp, BRAVO,  CINE, Cosmic 3D, de3D, dwepi, e3D tof, Epli, Fast Cine, Fast Grass, Fctlfusn, Fiesta 2D, Fiesta 2Dfs, Fiesta C, Flair pi, Fse2, Fsexl, Ftmra, Gtof, HisRis, iDrive, iDrive PRO, inlineViz, LAVA, LAVA XV, Merge 2D, Merge 3D, Pcvi, PPS, QuickStep, Rtca, SGD, SGD perf, Smartprep, Special, Sprep99, SSFSE, SSFSEmrcp, SSTsexl, T1 bHold, T2 bHold, TheePlane, Ushorttr, iProtect, Swan3D, tagging, tracto, tensor, cubet2, Flair3D, ideal, lavade, vibrant de, Tricks, bstataif.


  • GEM Flex 16 L (2019!!),
    GEM Flex 16 M (2017),
    GEM Flex 16 S (2019!!),
    GEM HNU anterior (2012, refurbished 2019),
    GEM HNU adaptor block (2012, refurbished 2019),
    GEM HNU posterior (2012, refurbished 2019),
    GEM PVA (2013),
    HD 8ch Foot ankle (2013),
    HD Shoulder array (2012),
    Liberty 9000 8ch breast (2012),
    GEM Anterior array (2018),
    Split head (2012),

Availability: Immediately from stock

FlexRay MR450W 1.5T 32ch

FlexRay MR450W 1.5T 32ch MRI

FlexRay Medical 2012 GE MR450W 1.5T 32ch

FlexRay Medical 2012 GE MR450W 1.5T 32ch – console

Hitachi Airis Aperto 0.4T

NOTE The below details are as for example only. We buy, sell and reinstall Aperto’s on a continuos basis; let’s know if you are interested and our team will one for you as well!

YOM 2007
Software level: 5
Number of RF channels: 4
FOV: 5 to 35cm

Body L
Body M
Head QD
Knee QD
Joint / Neck

Software options:
2D/3D Spin Echo, Fast Spin Echo
2D/3D Gradient Echo, Fast Gradient echo
2D/3D Inversion Recovery, Fast inversion recovery
Breat holding, ultra fast imaging
Multi Slice/ Multi Angle
2D/3D Time of Flight Angio
2D/3D Phase contrast Angio (with no saturation protocols)
Multi Slap Angio
ADA (Asymmetric Data Acquisiton)
AMI & BWS (Asymmetric measurement & band width selection)
MTC (Magnetic Transfer Contrast)
Half Echo
T1 Dual Slice
Fat/Water separation
ECG and Peripheral gating
Slice plans: transferse, sagittal, Coronal, double oblique, mulit-angle

Availability: IN STOCK

If you know what MRI system you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at sales@flexraymedical.com

We always have a wide range of equipment available, but most is sold prior to making it to the website. Therefore it’s very important we know what you are looking for in order to keep you up to date on incoming equipment.