Cases—See how we work

One thing is us telling you how we work and how straightforward installing our Nordic Modular Solutions is. Another thing is for you to know and see it with your own eyes. Seeing on video how we work is the closest alternative to being on-site with us. This page is dedicated to a few cases to illustrate what you can expect, when you work with FlexRay Medical.

Below you find a selection of videos of the installation of the Nordic Modular Solution and the de-installation and removal of used MRI- and CT- scanners from hospitals.

Browse through the videos and see how

  • the Nordic Modular Solution arrives as one unit, ready to fasten onto the foundations
  • that within a few hours we install the MRI or CT of your choice 
  • that with a crane the Nordic Modular Solution fits into places, where a truck or low-loader dosen’t fit

 To save you time on the road and in the air we have produced different videos to give you a visual preparation of a few cases of what to expect.

Below you will find few examples of systems we have de-installed and removed recently.

Philips Achieva Nova Dual

Philips Brilliance 64

Siemens Avanto


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