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We will find just the right system for you. We work non stop to get new systems ready for sale and we always have a wide range of the best CT equipment available. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll inform you when available.


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2010/2020 PHILIPS MX16 CT Scanner

Availability: JULY 2021

YOM 2010

Software version: 1.1 (2015 upgraded)

Tube: CTR2150CEPN, YOM 2020, installed 07-2020, approx. 50k scan sec

Installed Viewers: 2D, Planar, Volume, Endo

Installed Applications: Injector triggering (SAS), Bolus Tracking, WorkList, MPPS.


Extended Brilliance WorkSpace: Yes, SW version 4.5.51035.

Installed Applications on EBW: CTViewer, FunctionalCT/Time Lapse, Dental planning, AVA-stenosis, Dual monitor, Dynamic Viewer, Preprocessing.

Condition: Used – Good


System passed all QA tests April 21st 2021.


Full QA available on request.

2009 PHILIPS Brilliance 64-slice CT Scanner


YOM 2008

Detector type: TDMS

SW version: (iDose upgr. added in 2011)

SW options: CT Viewer, Cardiac Viewer, Pulmo Viewer, Viewer, Combine Images, Custom Image, MPR, SSD 3D, MIP, Volume Rendering, Q-CTA, HeartBeat CS.

Extended Brilliance Workplace: Yes, V4.5.6.52040. Options installed: VA; Lung Nodule Assessment Lung Density, Virtual Colonoscopy, Comp. Cardiac, HeartBeat CS, Functional CT.

Tube: MRC800, Dec-2008, 795k scan sec as of April 1st 2020. The expected lifetime of the MRC800-tube is about 1.5 million.

Full QA available on request.

What makes a system the right system depends on you and what the needs are. 


The needs are determined by a number of things. 

Where you are located. 

How many years do you plan to use the CT.

What type of patients do you have and how many patients you expect to have a day? 

The list is long. 

Your budget is also something to take into consideration. 


Buying a CT is both a big decision and a complicated project. 

As such it is of utmost importance that you not only consider what you can afford in the short term. 

You also need to consider the Total Cost of Ownership during the equipment’s lifespan. This includes buying it, shipping,  preparation of the site, installation, service contract, spare parts and more. 


You might get surprised by how much more you can get for your money when you choose to buy used diagnostic imaging equipment. 

But do be careful and only buy fully tested equipment. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after forgetting the sweetness of low prices.


If you need help to assess your needs, we are always ready to help you. You can also read this blog post on the subject. On top of this, you may also find answers in our FAQ.


Keep in mind that we also can assist you with a turnkey solution. A turnkey solution typically includes:

  • Warranty
  • Installation
  • Site Planning
  • After-Sales Service.


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