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Pre-owned CT scanner


We always have a wide range of CT equipment available. Some, but not all, of the CT equipment is sold prior to making it to the website. Therefore if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us via email sales@flexraymedical.com.

Also, keep in mind we can assist you with a turnkey solution.

  • Site preparation
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • After-Sales Service

You might know what pre-owned CT you would like to have. But do you really know which model you actually need? Or which CT  is most suitable for your clinic/hospital? Depending on your budget, your location and the number of years you plan to use your “new” pre-owned CT there are many factors to consider. Talk to us and we will assist you with this!

Buying a CT is a huge investment and a major project. As such it’s of utmost importance you not only consider what you can afford today. You also very much need to consider the lifetime expense of the system: Buying it, shipping it, preparing the site, installation, service, parts etc. All of this you need to put in direct relation to your number of patients. Often the math is as simple as it is surprising! You could also have a look in our FAQ. Maybe what you want to know is answered there.

2011 Philips MX16

YOM 2011
Air cooled
Tube count: approx. 266.000
Software packages: Vascular, Dental, Fly Through

Full Q&A report available for complete specs and test results.

Availability: IN STOCK

2013 Siemens Emotion 16

EUropean Siemens Emotio 16
YOM 2013
Serial number: 79008
Air cooled
Tube details: 2019 Dura 422 (MCS172) with approx. 55.000 scan seconds
Software base: SyngoCT 2014A, VB42B

Software options on console (Acquisition WorkPlace):
Get Worklist, Cap3D Filter SSD, Cap3D Filter MIP, Ca3D Main, Cap3D Voimode, Bolus Track, OSTEO, Care Dose, Syngo General License, Cap3D Filter VRT, Cap3D Editor, MPPS Support, VOlume Workflow, RTD, Recon Pplus, Cap3D Boneremoval, Remote desktop, Dicom SR Viewer, Emotion 16, Recon iterative Step1, MR Support i.

2011 Philips Brilliance iCT SP 128-slice

EUropean Philips Brilliance iCT SP 128-slice

Availability: IN STOCK
YOM 2011
Serial number 200090
Software version, scanner: V3.
Software version, EBW workstation: V4.5.5.51035
Tube model and usage: CT XS, YOM nov 2017. approx. 288.000 exposure seconds.

Installed software licenses on console:
FunctionalCT, Dicom Modality Worklist, HearBeat CS, CT Endoscopy, CT/MR Image Fusion, Dental CT, Volume Rendering, Stent planning, Senosis Anaysis, Cardiac Review, Bolus Tracking Evolving Image, 0.5sec Rotation, Ultra Hi-Res Matrices, Spiral Auto Start, Cardiac Scoring Report, Cardiac LV/RV Reporting, Lung Nodule Assessment, Cardiac LV/RV Function, LNA Report, Remote Reconstruction, 6.5MHU tube, 8 MHU tube.

Installed software licenses on EBW workstation:
Functional CT/Time lapse, Dental Planning, AVA-stent planning, AVA-Stenosis, LungNodule CAD, Dual monitor, Brain perfusion, General reporting, Virtual Colonoscopy Polyp CAD, CCA-functional Analysis, Virtual Colonoscopy Electronic cleansing, DVD-RAM, Spectral, Liver Segmentation & Analysis, CCA Coronaries Analysis, Brain Perfusion-Summary maps, Pre Processing.