Project handling

Easy dismantling and removal of medical imaging equipment

Are you replacing your MRI or CT? We are always ready to evaluate and also pay a premium price for your used medical imaging scanner. Let us assist you in that process. Getting you the best price and a well-organized removal of your used medical imaging equipment.

We do so with the top of the class project handling. Making sure you experience an easy uninstalling and removal of said equipment. We are your experts in the safe handling and removal of medical imaging equipment. Our years of experience guarantees you the least intrusive way of handling and removing.

Resulting in a better price for your equipment. Expertise reduces the risks of anything unforeseen happening as well as preventing unpleasant surprises later on.

This is a big promise, but we achieve this by providing you with a full overview of the work required. Always providing you with a short and precise removal project plan. Including detailed documentation of the exit route to ensure safe and professional removal of the equipment. Including any relevant method statements and risk assessments.

Sometimes even the best-laid plans meet complications and the need for changes arise. When complications occur it is important with expertise and to start planning as early as possible. This both leaves some room for adjustments and time to tackle any unforeseen events in time. Thus affecting the actual removal of the equipment as least as possible.


Expertise and respect for daily routine

When working on-site we only work with the best in the industry, also trained in installing the same equipment by the major equipment OEMs. This ensures experienced personnel, correct tools and rigging equipment and careful handling of the equipment. Always according to the guidelines outlined in the OEM documentation. The safe deinstallation and take-out of the equipment is our priority.

The daily routine of your staff and patients are equally important to us. Your daily routine is in the centre when we plan the equipment removal. It is very important to us that the removal is easy and least inconvenient for you and your patients.

With these considerations in mind, we often plan de-installations for weekends. This makes room for you to focus on your day to day business. When you are ready – we are ready.

The devil is in the detail

We have a very keen eye for the little details and always test the imaging equipment according to the OEM specifications. This way we ensure the system provides a proper diagnosis for the next patients, in many years to come. The test is identical to tests performed during the planned maintenance of your equipment. Ensuring proper care for the patients while the system is in operation at the new facility.

The equipment we sell and re-install continues to live up to the high standards required in diagnostic healthcare. This is because we test the equipment and do so in all parts of the World.

This is equally as important when you buy as it is when you sell this type of equipment. Because our investment in a thorough examination of the system is a sure way to assure that everyone agrees on what they are buying/selling. As well as agreeing on the process as a whole. Minimizing the risk of any late claims due to misunderstandings.

Simon Dyrup Nielsen is the one to talk to when you want to hear how we can help you.

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