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Do exhibitions really make the World go around?

Estimated reading time: 4 min In a way, a year in this line of business is somewhat similar to Groundhog Day. The wheel turns, but it is still a new year, same plans. Or at least the same “exhibition procedure as last year”. But not this year.  As always my 2020 started with The Arab Health in Dubai. Through the year the recurring shows and meetings then follow like pearls …Læs mere

3 Arguments to Choose Permanent MRI

Estimated reading time: 4 min If you are opening an MRI centre in an area with insufficient and/or unreliable infrastructure, we do not recommend investing in a high-field MRI. This is a rule of thumb, så exceptions do occur.  More on this in our blog post When Size Matters.  What we DO recommend is investing in a permanent MRI. This would typically be a 0.4T. In this blog post, we …Læs mere

From Initial Inspection to Final Shipping in 5 Steps – De-installing a Philips Brilliance 64 CT

Do you know how to dismantle and move your 2000 kg heavy CT scanner, like a Philips Brilliance, from its current location and onto a truck parked outside your facility? If you don’t, that is totally fine. Because when we buy a system, we also handle all the details related to planning and executing a successful de-installation of the system. Making everything as easy for you as possible. Buying and …Læs mere

5 Reasons Why You Do Not Want a Mobile MRI

5 Reasons Why You Do Not Want a Mobile MRI –On The African Continent Estimated reading time: 5 min To some, a mobile MRI unit sounds like the perfect solution. Especially when you want to bring diagnostic imaging to patients in rural areas. As such you might think a mobile MRI or CT would be the perfect solution for a continent as big and diversified as the African continent. No …Læs mere

When Size Matters

– Why The Big 5 is better in the world of used medical imaging equipment Estimated reading time: 4 min Bigger is not always better, but when talking about support and service of used medical imaging equipment bigger is better. If the manufacturer of a system is one of “The Big 5” you as a buyer of a used medical imaging system are better off than with a smaller manufacturer.  …Læs mere

Maximise the value of your used medical equipment

Estimated reading time: 4 mins When you are replacing systems and investing a lot of money in new systems selling a used system easily becomes a secondary priority for you. Yet, you could still be able to get money for your used equipment and a hassle-free solution for removal of said equipment too. How do you maximise the value of your used medical equipment? At Flexray Medical we suggest you …Læs mere

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