Where do you buy used medical equipment?

Where do you buy used medical equipment of top quality?   Estimated reading time: 5 min   The first time you do your research to find the perfect used CT, MRI or PET-CT scanner, it is a confusing task.  How do you know where to look?  How do you find the gems and avoid the ... Read more

5 Fundamental Tips When You Buy a Used Scanner

You Wish To Buy a Used Scanner - 5 Fundamental Tips Estimated reading time: 3 min      You find yourself in the position where you want to buy a used scanner. Maybe it is a CT or an MRI or some other large and expensive piece of equipment. Then the question arises WHAT specific system ... Read more

Why the Prices of Used CT Skyrockets

Why the Prices of Used CT Skyrockets And what to look out for   Estimated reading time: 3 min One of the clear advantages of buying a used CT scanner is that you get very high-quality equipment for a very reasonable amount of money. Obviously, this is highly beneficial for a new or small clinic ... Read more

Do exhibitions really make the World go around?

Estimated reading time: 4 min   In a way, a year in this line of business is somewhat similar to Groundhog Day. The wheel turns, but it is still a new year, same plans. Or at least the same “exhibition procedure as last year”. But not this year. As always my 2020 started with The ... Read more

3 Arguments to Choose Permanent MRI

Estimated reading time: 4 min If you are opening an MRI centre in an area with insufficient and/or unreliable infrastructure, we do not recommend investing in a high-field MRI. This is a rule of thumb, så exceptions do occur.  More on this in our blog post When Size Matters. What we DO recommend is investing ... Read more

From Initial Inspection to Final Shipping in 5 Steps – De-installing a Philips Brilliance 64 CT

Do you know how to dismantle and move your 2000 kg heavy CT scanner, like a Philips Brilliance, from its current location and onto a truck parked outside your facility? If you don’t, that is totally fine. Because when we buy a system, we also handle all the details related to planning and executing a ... Read more

5 Reasons Why You Do Not Want a Mobile MRI

5 Reasons Why You Do Not Want a Mobile MRI -On The African Continent   Estimated reading time: 5 min   To some, a mobile MRI unit sounds like the perfect solution. Especially when you want to bring diagnostic imaging to patients in rural areas. As such you might think a mobile MRI or CT ... Read more

When Size Matters

- Why The Big 5 is better in the world of used medical imaging equipment   Estimated reading time: 4 min   Bigger is not always better, but when talking about support and service of used medical imaging equipment bigger is better. If the manufacturer of a system is one of “The Big 5” you ... Read more

Maximise the value of your used medical equipment

Estimated reading time: 4 mins When you are replacing systems and investing a lot of money in new systems selling a used system easily becomes a secondary priority for you. Yet, you could still be able to get money for your used equipment and a hassle-free solution for removal of said equipment too. How do ... Read more

5 essential tips for clinics when buying a system

4 min read Buying any piece of “heavy”  medical imaging equipment can be a daunting experience. In CT and MRI there are many different systems to choose from. Choosing what system to get depends on a lot of factors. The price is without question one, but not the only. In truth, looking only on the ... Read more

Buying medical imaging equipment on a budget – 6 things to remember

7 min read   When buying medical imaging equipment, 6 things to remember might sound simple. When you work with this every day it might be. But if this is the first time that you invest in equipment of this type it might not be that simple. Maybe it has been a while since the ... Read more

Global Recycling Day 2020

Why Global Recycling Day is important when working with used medical equipment     3 min read Today is Global Recycling Day 2020. At first glance, it may seem that buying and selling used medical imaging systems has nothing to do with recycling. But recycling is not only using systems and equipment for a longer ... Read more

Meet FlexRay Medical at ECR 2020

Due to Covid-19 ECR 2020 is postponed   So we'll not meet up this week. Hopefully in July 2020.     Vienna once again   3 min read Returning to Vienna once again is not only a sure sign of spring. We are going to Vienna to take part in the annual ECR (European Congress ... Read more

PET-CT scan can detect cancer

3 min read   Today is World Cancer Day. Did you even know? Quite possibly not and even so what’s to celebrate? We all connect cancer to the sadness of losing someone dear. But what if it could be a day of reflection and perspective. This will be a way to find some glimpse of ... Read more

FlexRay Medical attends Arab Health 2020

Looking forward to attending Arab Health in January 2020   2 min read What better way to begin the new year and at the same time a new decade than participating in Arab Health. It might be due to the fact that we are based in cold and dark Northern Europe, but arriving in Dubai ... Read more

RSNA 2019 is coming

It’s that time of the year again - RSNA!   2 min read The end of the year is getting nearer and one thing is always put in my calendar. The yearly RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) meeting in Chicago. This year will be my 13th time, give or take one year. 🙂 Both ... Read more

Düsseldorf noch einmal

FlexRay Medical attends Medica in Düsseldorf for the 15th time.   2 min read The conference runs from November 18.- November 21. 2019. In October Simon Dyrup Nielsen represented FlexRay Medical at the annual DMTS meeting in Vejle, Denmark. This time it is my turn to do all the walking and talking. As you might ... Read more

Next stop: Vejle

FlexRay is going to DTMS in Vejle 8th-10th of October 2019 2 min read It seems we have only just returned from IAMERS ‘s 15th annual European meeting in Madrid. But there is no rest for the wicked and it is already time to prepare for the next meeting. This time it is closer to ... Read more


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