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Maximise the value of your used medical equipment

Estimated reading time: 4 mins When you are replacing systems and investing a lot of money in new systems selling a used system easily becomes a secondary priority for you. Yet, you could still be able to get money for your used equipment and a hassle-free solution for removal of said equipment too. How do you maximise the value of your used medical equipment? At Flexray Medical we suggest you …Læs mere

5 essential tips for clinics when buying a system

4 min read Buying any piece of “heavy”  medical imaging equipment can be a daunting experience. In CT and MRI there are many different systems to choose from. Choosing what system to get depends on a lot of factors. The price is without question one, but not the only. In truth, looking only on the price will almost certainly lead you to disaster. There is no such thing as one …Læs mere

Buying medical imaging equipment on a budget – 6 things to remember

7 min read When buying medical imaging equipment, 6 things to remember might sound simple. When you work with this every day it might be. But if this is the first time that you invest in equipment of this type it might not be that simple. Maybe it has been a while since the last time? We hope that this blog post can be of relevance to you. Which 6 …Læs mere

Global Recycling Day 2020

Why Global Recycling Day is important when working with used medical equipment 3 min read Today is Global Recycling Day 2020. At first glance, it may seem that buying and selling used medical imaging systems has nothing to do with recycling. But recycling is not only using systems and equipment for a longer period. It is also reselling it after use. In essence, it is seeing not waste, but an …Læs mere

Meet FlexRay Medical at ECR 2020

Due to Covid-19 ECR 2020 is postponed So we’ll not meet up this week. Hopefully in July 2020. Vienna once again 3 min read Returning to Vienna once again is not only a sure sign of spring. We are going to Vienna to take part in the annual ECR (European Congress of Radiology). ECR is one of the largest medical meetings in Europe. It is also the second-largest radiological meeting …Læs mere

PET-CT scan can detect cancer

3 min read Today is World Cancer Day. Did you even know? Quite possibly not and even so what’s to celebrate? We all connect cancer to the sadness of losing someone dear. But what if it could be a day of reflection and perspective. This will be a way to find some glimpse of hope in all the sadness. First of all: What is a PET-CT? That is complicated to …Læs mere

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